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Catapult Consulting

Founded in 2008 by Aaron Morse, Dawn Morse and Jazon Burnell, Catapult has had multiple apps on the top charts (Trenches, Stenches, TapDefense, SuperBall), multiple times (Trenches). We strive for success as well as fun.

At the end of the day though, we choose to work with people who are passionate and care about their work as much as we do.

Aaron Morse

The Mastermind, Aaron has his hands in everything. Coding since the 80's on his Apple II, he is no stranger to getting his hands dirty (which he does everyday). He also manages Catapult's day-to-day.

Aaron has been a Consulting Engineer for enterprise clients including Apple and NeXT.

Dawn Morse

As a mother of four Dawn brings not only a love of coding (and its accompanying serenity) to the table, but also a gift for team building, active listening, and empathy that helps her connect with clients, discern what they are trying to achieve — and bring the vision to life.

Dawn can frequently be found mountain biking and cross country skiing on Alaskan trails and comes complete with four bonus beta testers!

Jazon Burnell

Developing iPhone apps since before the iPhone SDK was even announced, Jazon is Catapult's main game developer. He heads off and manages all game development for Catapult. Chances are, if you look at App Store's top 5 lists, you have seen one of the games Jazon has been a part of.

What does Jazon do when he's not making games? He plays them of course!

Duane Mathes

Blending experience in video game development with a background in brand design and art direction makes Duane the perfect Creative Director for Catapult's team of professionals. Focused on designing vivid and compelling user experiences, Duane brings a sense of visual cohesion and enthusiasm to all of Catapult's endeavors.

Duane speaks three languages and - in his spare time - teaches martial arts and does wild outdoor things in the Alaskan wilderness.

Michael Csokas

Catapult's dedicated digital artist Michael Csokas is always off in his own world, creating and bringing to life the titles that we produce. With credits in both digital and traditional realms, Michael's extensive illustration experience runs the gamut from fantasy to children's books.

When he’s not dreaming of and creating new worlds, Michael likes to lift heavy things and is an avid member of the Crossfit community. He also enjoys trying to make his violin not sound like a bagful of angry cats.

Todd Guion

Like the plains of Wyoming, where he lives, Todd's talent seems ever expansive. Starting with WebObjects in 1994, he then earned a PhD in Biophysical Chemistry at Stanford, moved on to Java and J2EE, then reached his current destination - back at the Apple camp with the iPhone.

If he's not expanding his skill base, he's probably outdoors, playing beneath the Big Horn Mountains.

Kevin Kastner

As an early web pioneer in Alaska, Kevin brings a wide spectrum of marketing, strategy and support to Catapult. For the last 14 years he has held lead project, product and marketing roles from GCI to Starbucks.

Ultimately, he is driven by building brands and catapulting businesses forward. When he's not busy launching, fixing and growing businesses - you'll find him scheming ways to fulfill his lifelong quest to build a car company.

Chad Leigh

Working as a software engineer since 1988, Chad has worked for DEC, WordPerfect, DTI, TF Software and Kanvis, as well as independently. He maintains his own credit card processing client in the App Store while also managing to work on other iOS projects.

When he's not behind the desk, he's busy spending time with his kids.

Jeff Biggus

A programmer since his first Apple ][+, Jeff is an electrical engineer turned software consultant. Jeff frequently gives well-recieved talks at Mac/iOS conferences on high-performance computing and an in-depth look at Objective-C blocks. While he has spent many years working on web servers, databases and Mac/iOS, Jeff has a particular fondness for computational physics.

Outside of work, he enjoys recording in his music studio and trying his hand at history and physics research.

Hannah Camacho

With her writing chops - having written app reviews on a professional level - and her rapport with developers, Hannah is the perfect choice to handle Catapult's PR.

The wife of a veteran and mother of three, Hannah is always looking to expand her knowledge and grow her skill set. Her interests are eclectic and include everything from practicing martial arts to playing the banjo.

Jeff Castaldo

An avid gamer and Catapult's secret testing weapon, Jeff has been providing us with scintillating feedback since Catapult's inception.

When he is not helping us find pesky bugs or figuring out ways to improve the UX for Catapult's apps, you can find him out conquering new worlds - or possibly collecting Coca Cola memorabilia.

Andy Mason

Catapult's newest tenderfoot, Andy wrote several of his own games on the Blackberry SDK before joining Catapult and seeing the shining light of iOS. He is well on his way to a magna cum laude Bachelor of Computer Science degree from UAA. New to iOS development, Andy has jumped in with both feet and his gifts with lightening the mood and bringing out the humor in every situation fills Catapult collaborations with laughter.

Andy's wife and two daughters support him all the way - whether they are singing along with his rockin' tunes on the guitar or climbing monkey bars together at the park.