We are a country--nay, a Kingdom!--that stretches to all ends of the earth. Our monarchy has never been less fallible, our patriotism never less obnoxious, and our shirts never less starched and pointy. Sure, our COs may not know the difference between a loo and a banlieue, but it's quite certain they're trying their best not to muck everything up! Our capabilities are infinite -- witness the strength of our Royal Air Force, the cleanliness of our Royal Hospitals, and the unbeatability of our Royal Flush. This daft war will certainly last but a few puerile weeks. Carry on!
Snipers: Increased range
Medic: Increased healing speed
Spy: Increased speed of Pilfer
Commander: Decreased range of command

There is an English word we Germans like to use to describe ourselves: best. Truth be told, there is no other nation that has more positive forward-looking qualities and fewer negative ones. Ach! -- does anyone really care about little horsies in a time like this? The future involves technological wunders such as flamethrowers, balloons, and planes in the sky that make big KABOOMS! Gott im Himmel, this Reich will be the one to end them all!
Machineguns: Increased rate of fire
Flamethrower: Increased range
Strafing Run: Increased speed to target location
Rail Gun: Decreased cost
Balloon: Increased recon duration
Cavalry: Decreased health

Remember the great military leader Napoleon Bonaparte? You might not be aware of this, but he was French! Those were the days, when our cavalry and artillery were the finest in the world! The length of our moustaches was only outmatched by that of our literature! Alors, we may not have our Napoleon anymore (aside from pastry form), but we have retained our very strong horses and cannons, as well as brilliant military geniuses like Robert Nivelle, whose name will soon live alongside Napoleon's! Allez-y!
Gas: Increased duration & accuracy
HE Artillery: Increased accuracy
Rail Gun: Increased accuracy
Cavalry: Increased health
Machineguns: Decreased range

Well hot dog! We thought that this was just a silly European thing, but when we heard that it was called the Great War we knew that America had to be a part of it! Because America is Great! Yep! We've got the hardest working doughboys, a strong economy, and a whole lotta European immigrants happy that they left. Only problem is, the war is way the heck on the other side of the world, so don't expect us to lay down any rail-lines or be able to keep our planes in the air much. Well, times a wastin', let's 23-skidoooo!
Engineers: Increased work speed
Medic: Increased healing speed
Mortar Team: Increased range
Coins: Increased starting coins
Commander: Increased range of command
Strafing Run: Decreased time on location
Bombing Run: Decreased time on location
Rail Gun: Unavailable