This is the path for the Commander who wants to pummel the enemy into a quick surrender, making a shocking and awesome display of power. Whether it's by speed (jacking up the firing rate), numbers (increasing squad sizes), or weapons (FLAMETHROWERS), you'll be sure to find here a winning way of scaring the chevrons of your enemy. Note at the end the reduced rate Spawn Timer -- your key to spraying the battlefield with fast, overpowered, shell-lobbing soldiers. Mmm -- smell that wartime air ... that odor isn't offensive. It's Offensive.

Increases Riflemen damage by 20%
Trench Foot
Increase Rifleman speed by 10%
Sniper School
Increases Sniper Rate of Fire by 25%
Machine gunner available
Cavalry available
Flamethrower available
Tank available
War Horses
Cavalry cost reduced by 15%
Extra Crispy
Flame Throwers range increase by 20%
Mortar Team available
Forward Base
Spawn Timer reduced by 10%
Fresh Blood
Increase Riflemen squad size by 1 troop
Range Finder
Increases Mortar Squad Rate of Fire by 25%

It has been said, "the best defense is a great defense." Unlocking the Perks in this tree will keep your soldiers on the battlefield longer, making them fiercer and increasing their chance of Promotions. And if you subscribe to the name of the game literally, here you'll find all the Trenches upgrades -- not only beefing them up, but also building them faster with Toolbox-equipped Engineers. For the Commander who likes to keep the good guys alive while the bad guys wonder why their bullets just don't work as well as they used to, the answer is Defense. (Deployable hordes of fans holding pictures of fences will be available in future updates.)

Thick Skin
Increase Riflemen health by 10%
First Aid
Medic available
Spies can steal coins
Push the Fog of War back further
Pill Box
Increase Machinegun Squad health by 20%
Gas Mask
Reduces Gas damage by 20% for all INFANTRY
Reinforced Steel
Increases Bunker armor by +50%
Increase Tank Speed by 10%
Flame Retardant
Reduces Fire damage by 20% for all INFANTRY
Engineers work 25% faster

Here you'll find the stuff that bombs are made of. For the Commander that sees this war as an air-to-ground exercise, this Perk tree will bolster your barnstorming biplanes. From the types of bombs (gas, fire, cluster), to their price (cheaper), and from their power (more), to their staying power (lots more), this shopping list has enough bonuses to keep you occupied for some time. And let us not forget the level of support our medics and our bankers bring -- here represented by increased coinage and better healing rates. In the end, your background players on this wartime stage really set the scenery... and then blow it all up.

Merchant of Death
Increase coin generation by 10%
Shell Shocker
Increase Heavy Artillery duration by 25%
Mustard Lab
Gas artillery available
Landing Strip
Strafing Run & Bombing Run available

Flame On!
Increase Fire Bomb duration by 20%
Colonel Cluster
Cluster Bomb available
Gas Galore
Reduce Gas Bomb price by 20%
Bombs Ahoy
Increase Bombing Run drop path

Mother Lode
Start the round with 500 coins
Fire Bombs available
Battlefield Meds
Increase Medic heal rate by 20%
Increase the area of effect for Cluster Bomb
Rail Gun available
Fire for Effect
Reduce the spotting round by 1 second